Thanksgiving From my Table to Yours… Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is a Special Time of the Year

Today we gather around the table, filled with food, all around the US. So, some of us won’t make it home for the holiday, perhaps for the first time. You might be in the military, away from home and stationed overseas. It doesn’t matter, but just know your family is thinking of you and miss you. Whether it is friends, family, or the lone wolf, as we gather around the table for our Thanksgiving meal, remember to give thanks and appreciate this day.

We have many things to feel thankful for. Thanksgiving is a day to come together, as we have a fondness for these things. For one thing, we’re alive. There is food on the table and we have shelter from the cold. Hopefully everyone has enough to eat or somewhere to go for their dinner.

Thanksgiving is a special day where we give God our thanks. This is a time to help others find a reason to feel thankful.

Thanksgiving: the food is on the table as we gather to give God thanks for our blessings. We show our appreciation to others with kindness and a giving heart.

As We Gather Around the Table, Remember to Give Thanks

There is much to appreciate and we need to reflect upon it. Even in the bad times you still give thanks. I, for one am thankful for my writing and photography gifts from God. I appreciate all three of my blogs. Maybe I’m not where I would like to be, but I’m working on it.

My dream is freelancing full-time with paid work, writing about and photographing local travel, events, shops, eateries, lodging and the sights. I want to promote local tourism for the towns in my locale. This is my passion, my gift and my calling. I’m thankful for each moment as I travel on this freelance writing and photography adventure.

But that’s not all I’m thankful for. I have great friends all over the place and family too. These folks influence me and listen to me. They’re a great bunch of people and they bless me by just being there. Life would be rather dull without them. They lighten and brighten my day.

Giving More Thanks is a Good Way to Roll

I’m thankful for my home and all the food, clothing and other staples I have. I’m thankful for knitting prayer shawls and helping others. It feels good to lend others a helping hand as needed and to give of my time. It feels good to sit and listen. I like having enough to share with others. And I’m thankful for the happy feelings this gives me.

I’m thankful for my two kitties. Pets are good for the soul. They also bring a lot of joy to the heart. The old guy, Frisky actually belongs to my daughter and the young little gay, Tebow is my baby granddaughter’s kitty. Both get along well and we took them both in at different times. Frisky likes taking over wherever you work when he feels ignored. Tebow is a lap kitty who fails to understand the concept of sometimes sharing the lap with the knitting. Both are good cats and are thankful they have a home with us.

Blessings are a part of Thanksgiving. We need to remember this and give our thanks in prayer.

Thanksgiving is a time to gather around the table with family and friends. God put us all together and we need to appreciate that.

So each year as you gather around the Thanksgiving table, remember to give thanks to God in prayer. There is so much to give thanks for. And show your appreciation to the others in your life. Smile, because life is good.


Mom & Apple Pie… What Happened? Quit the Divisiveness & Go for Unity

Remember the Days of Mom and Apple Pie?

Where are the days of Mom and Apple Pie? Kids played tether ball in the back yard, swung on the swing set and acted out scenes from the TV show Combat, complete with walkie talkies and a toy Bazooka. Southern hospitality and friendliness were the norm. Tomato soup, with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches were lunch staples.

Warm smiles greeted you on the street. Neighbors looked after one another and watched over each others’ stuff. It was okay if Mom stayed at home and raised the kids. Dad brought home the bacon and candy from Sears. Kids rode bikes while playing Cops and Robbers. And the robbers were actually the bad guys.

Kids walked to school and often came home for lunch. It was cool seeing Mom in the middle of the school day. Walking to the neighborhood store and the movies was okay too. We looked on the police as friends and as the good guys. Kids also rode the bus downtown with older siblings and had enough money to buy a soda at the Woolworth’s soda fountain.

What Happened to Us?

So, what happened? First of all, people gradually turned into grumpy curmudgeons. Also, kids quit playing outside. In addition, neighbors stopped being nice to one another. Then police became the enemy and everyone else was also your enemy. Finally, meanness and bullying became the new norm. Nobody listens anymore. Many people feel a lot of the others became racists. Rioting violently is also seemingly accepted and approved of in certain circles.

So, you don’t get your way? Just pack up all your marbles and go home after shooting up the neighborhood. Be a poor sport and a sore loser… just behave badly. The adults act this way, so it must be okay for the kids to follow suit. Don’t look at the beauty in this world. Just go for what is ugly.

Get away with as little work as possible. Sponge off your parents and your government. Shoot, assassinate and murder all the cops and all the folks you don’t like. Expect rewards for murder, mayhem and encouragement for your law-breaking ways. Sneak around, committing illegal acts and expect entitlements for this.  After all, you certainly earned it and it’s everyone’s right to expect handouts and accolades for accomplishing nothing.

It Doesn’t Have to be This Way

First of all, come together and unite. Then throw the law-breaker criminals out. In addition, treat neighbors with kindness and give them friendship. And remember everyone matters. So, be different and care. Make a positive difference and stand up against the negativity people. Don’t throw people away because they’re different. Live and let live… Love and let love. Let the joy and sunshine back into your life. Together we can choose to change for the powers of good and strike down the powers of evil.

Smile. Be a good neighbor and share your happiness with others. We can take back our nation and spread the love that’s in our hearts. And we can put a lot of love in everyone else’s hearts.

We need more smiles and friendly hearts. Mom would want it that way.

Remember Mom and Apple Pie as you make new friends. Show a kinder self to everyone.

Mom and Apple Pie are so important. We need to get back to those days again.

This is Mom. Mom made the best Apple Pie. She continually reminds me of what is important.




Thankfulness Is a Matter of Perspective… And it Shapes Our Writing Style

 Thankfulness Goes a Long Way in Writing

Thankfulness is a good attitude and goes hand-in-hand with writing well. Of course, we find the grouches and the negative sourpuss people easily. They’re the ones who write like a bunch of grumpy old curmudgeonly types. Additionally, the work is tedious for them. And they don’t have time to stop and smell the roses. As a result, these writers are grouchy and they complain all the time. Nobody wishes to be on the receiving end of tirades from these crotchety old griping people . 

But, we’re not here to chat about these writers today. Your feelings of thankfulness show up in your words. When your audience reads these thoughtfully penned words they see a thankful writer. This then spreads like wildfire. One simple act of showing your thankfulness reaches out and touches the lives of so many others.

Reach Out and Touch Your Readers With Thankfulness

Sometimes your reader needs an uplifting moment and words of encouragement. Your thankfulness can cover anything. The words you choose have impact on your audience, so choose your words wisely. And the same goes with your photos. When others view your words and your photos, they see a small slice of your life. Maybe you inspire your readers or you make them chuckle over an interesting tidbit. This is where your thankfulness attitude reaches out and touches your audience.

Case in point: last year my daughter delivered our granddaughter 11 weeks early. It was a lucky thing our daughter rescheduled her OB/GYN checkup for that day. Needless to say, our daughter had preeclampsia, but it didn’t show up until the day of her rescheduled appointment. It was touch and go for a while.

Thankfulness during times of calamity show our strength and the fabric we're made from.

Calamity strikes at any given moment. How we let it shape us shows up in our written words. Our thankfulness shows through with our words.

Calamity Strikes for a Reason and it’s Up to Us How That Shapes Our Writing

Sometimes it takes a calamity or near calamity for your thankfulness to kick in. Everyone remained as calm as they could under the circumstances. We all prayed a lot that day. Our granddaughter was in distress when our daughter’s blood pressure shot up very high. It was a good thing her doctor had our daughter go to the hospital next door. Our daughter was fine at the doctor’s office, but by the time she arrived at the hospital the blood pressure shot up. And this all happened within a matter of minutes.

The whole situation scared us, but we all felt thankful. Both our daughter and our granddaughter are fighters. God had His hand on both the entire time. He made sure both of our girls were okay. And our granddaughter weighed 2 lbs. 2 oz. at her delivery. Now, a year later and both Momma and baby girl are thriving and doing well. You can’t even tell our granddaughter came 11 weeks early. She and her momma fought hard to be where they are today.

That day, a little over a year ago, shapes my attitude of thankfulness and the words I write today. I realize in the blink of an eye, adversity might have struck our daughter and granddaughter that day. The good times and the hard times both shape us. But we choose how we allow the event to shape us and what we do with it. By expressing ourselves this way, we show our readers we are human.


Promo Email Sent to Marketing Director

Promo Email Intro… What to Do?

This is a copy of a promo email I sent promoting myself for a potential job. It’s good to introduce yourself and list a few key points to enhance your chances of getting hired for the job by your promo email. As a result, it is key to show with your writing, using descriptive words. Telling tends to leave the reader flat. Furthermore, there is no investment for them. So, what are you to do?

Show to Let the Words Do the Talking:

First, showing the reader is an entirely different story. Entice them with a picture from your mind’s eye and tease them with your honed words. Additionally, describe the action, or create some. Draw the reader into your article or post to spark interest, even in an email. This is the job of a good promo email. How exactly is this done?

Sell yourself to your potential employer or to any of your reader audience,  and showing them what you do, with a little hinting at how you make the magic. Well-placed passion in a promo email gets results. Writing strategically gathers interest in what you have to say. Chat with your audience so you engage them as they engage you. Then what comes next?

Whenever possible, let your well-crafted words steep. Then go back and edit, adding the proper flavor to the mix. Hone and adjust, but don’t overdo it, or the law of diminishing returns kicks in. Relax, read and enjoy. Feel free to make suggestions and critique the email.

Critique Yes… Criticize No:

Note I said critique and not criticize. Critiquing is instructive while criticizing is useless and destructive. As a result of critiquing, a good writer listens if the source is credible. A good writer adapts and uses the suggestions which make sense and enhances the article, post or project. This engages the reader and getting them to invest in your wordsmithing. Conversational engagement is half the game. It’s also easier to market to folks who feel invested.

So, read on and give me your opinion. I’m always open for chatting.

The Promo Email Intro:

My name is Teresa Carpenter and I wrote the Thursday “Across the Fence” column for the Kingsport Times-News for five years. I read about you being hired as the new director for the Marketing and Public Relations for Kingsport last year, until August 28, 2015. I’ve also followed the One Kingsport initiative in the Times-News. I’m writing to ask if you’re looking for someone passionate about promoting tourism in Kingsport to add to your department.

The Promo Email Hook:

I know how to market, reaching out to my reader audience with well-crafted words, pulling them in so they look at Kingsport with fresh eyes and decide to visit our city. I also know how to deal with the media and many of them are already familiar with me through the “Across the Fence” column I wrote for the Times-News. I’m a friendly people-person with a passion for getting people to visit Kingsport and check out our events, local shops, eateries, the historical sites of interest and other items of interest.

I have lived in various parts of the States and relate to all sorts of folks. Kingsport and its tourism hold a special place in my heart. Writing and photography are my passion, especially when they are tourism-related. I hope I remain a part of what is going on with the One Kingsport effort to put Kingsport on the map with marketing and public relations.

The Promo Email Wrap Up:

I want to show Kingsport to the reading audience, online and offline so they feel the texture of the city, see its vibrancy, take in the aroma and flavor of all our yummy local food, hear the city’s liveliness with all the unique events held here and get a taste of our local lifestyle, even with the off-the-beaten-path items of interest going on around here.

Doing this is my idea of a dream job, one I hope to take on for Kingsport in the Marketing and Public Relations department. I also hope to take part in weaving Kingsport’s story for locals, semi-locals and those far away.

Please let me know if you have any openings. I look forward to hearing back from you.


Trease L Carpenter

Southern Fried tlc Scribe

Promo email gets the job done with well-crafted words.

The promo email written in a relaxing setting is key to getting the words to flow smoothly. You think better when you’re relaxed.


Photos Help Make Your Stories Even Better

How Do Photos Help Make Good Stories Pop?

So, how do photos help make good stories really pop and sparkle? Stories are about texture, feeling and having a good chat in the mix. Good stories have flavor, ambiance and they flow like a purring kitten. Photos enhance stories when they add that extra dimension to really focus on and bring out what’s going on in them.

Photos Help Make Good Stories Even Better

Photos help make good stories even better and they certainly stand out if your photos are awesome. Writing isn’t just about the words… you need good photos to showcase and highlight your crafted story. The words and the photos are the story, as it plays out. So, read on and enjoy the stories that the words and photos showcase in each post.

Paint Stories With Words to Help Photos Stand Out

You can paint a picture with a thousand words. And you certainly can paint your words with equally descriptive photos. The photos and words go together. Additionally, catering to the mind’s eye of your reader heightens the story-painting. This painting of stories with photos and words certainly is a big help.

Another Thing About Stories and Their Photos

Great stories with eye-candy popping photos use the senses. First you have taste, which is the flavors  the stories. Additionally, when you add touch to the goody bag in stories, things get interesting. Touch is how stories flow and make you feel. They make you wish for more. Sight, of course is what you see through both the photos and the words. Sound is what you hear, the sound of what is going on in the stories. The sense of smell gives you the aromas the stories fill up with that play out in the reader’s mind. Finally, use your photos and your words to showcase your writing and photography talents, so your readers come back for even more stories.


The Writing Business Plan Involves Much More Than Writing

Your Writing Business Plan Needs Careful Thought

Don't let your writing business plan burn and sizzle out. Give it substance.

Your writing business plan needs to pop and sparkle. It’s the start of your empire.

Your writing business plan goes beyond just writing. First off, there is the writing part to your business. But you need more than that. If you just only write, you’re leaving so much more on the table. Secondly, you need the right attitude toward growing your business for the long haul. Finally, there also is considering the taking on speaking engagements.

In your writing business plan, consider this; writing takes on a variety of genres. There is article writing for magazines and newspapers. And Online writing is a different genre from writing for print. Blogging is a big part of online writing. Additionally there is writing books and even writing courses about writing.

Read “The Author Training Manual” to Develop a Strong Writing Business Plan

Do read “The Author Training Manual” by Nina Amir. In the book she promotes writers to do more than just write. Nina Amir shows, what I feel is a better way… become an author, take on speaking engagements and create your own writing empire. And she mentions you need a major attitude adjustment and a business plan for your book. Well, I decided to broaden my horizons, do my best to answer the detailed questions Nina poses and create a business plan for my writing empire.

Travel Writing is One Writing Business Plan Dream

Travel writing has been a dream of mine and I aim to carry out it with a travel writing/authorship empire. I write a weekly social media column on Thursdays for the Kingsport Times-News since May 10, 2010. I snuck some travel writing into the column, but now mainly focus on the social media aspect my editors hired me for. The column is titled “Across the Fence,” if you wish to check it out.

I do blog on and in addition to this blog. But, I’m hit or miss and occasionally blog. I need more writing discipline. And writing this blog is a start.

Answer Key Questions to Solidify Your Writing Business Plan

Answering Nina’s author attitude questions and drafting a solid travel writing empire business plan is another way getting started on my writing road to my empire. I’m not kidding, either. Answering the questions and writing the business plan are solid steps toward action. The business plan will define my writing, help me stay on track, keep me more focused and help me stay disciplined in my craft.

The business plan gives purpose and aim. I can focus on the type of writing which furthers my aims to a travel writing empire. The business plans lays out targeted goals. If you write it down, it tends to happen. And this is something I want to happen.

So Here’s the Business Writing Plan

So here’s an example of a plan. First  create and work on the business plan. When it’s done, start blogging about travel destinations, starting local at first. As you blog, article ideas germinate and flourish. So, note these ideas in abbreviated form on blog posts. Seek my markets and send them targeted query letters. In the meantime, keep blogging, to expand your reader audience. Once you hit a certain level of readers for a time, look into using local ads to encourage your readers to travel to the mentioned destinations.

So work on your query letter angle even after article writing assignments start pouring in. Look into speaking to local groups, eventually branching out further. Next, offer workshops locally and at writer’s conferences. After that, start the preliminary research and writing on your book. Keep your markets in mind. Consider self-publishing or the new publishing hybrid at this point. Tweak your business plan as you go. Get your book published and market it. Also, look into writing more targeted travel destination e-books your readers then download as guidebooks for what to do and see at the travel destination. Finally, develop and teach your writing course, as it’s actually done in the real world.

And, voila your travel writing empire is born!


Surface Tablet Blogging is Quite the New Experience

Surface Tablet Blogging Live Proves Interesting

Okay, here we go again. So, Surface tablet blogging live proved an interesting experiment. I just updated my Surface from Windows 8.1 RT to the full Windows 8.1 version. And I’m blogging straight from my Blogger dashboard on Explorer. I’m also curious to see if this blog post publishes from my Surface tablet without any errors. If this works, exciting times lie ahead for me as I blog. It doesn’t take much to excite me!

So, Will Uploading Photos While Surface Tablet Blogging Work?

After this I plan to upload some photos to the blog directly from the Blogger dashboard using Picasa. This looks promising, but we’ll see how uploading photos while Surface tablet blogging live works out. After looking around while I was still using RT, blogging to Blogger error-free looked bleak. I was looking for a solution in RT for several days to no avail. I’m not the most tech savvy person when it comes to stuff like this.

Okay, here goes. If this works, this will appear on the Southern Fried Scribe blog. I also plan to update this blog post to let you know how uploading photos goes, if this blog post actually works. Here’s to hoping Surface tablet blogging works.

Wish me luck… it worked! Yay! I feel like a kid unleashed in a candy store.

Surface tablet blogging live is easy if you know what you're doing.

Surface tablet logging live proved itself an interesting experiment.


Writing Advice From a Post Goes a Long Way To Hone Your Craft

Need Writing Advice? Hone Your Skills as you Write for Others and Yourself

Writing advice With a view. That's how it goes with writing.

Need writing advice? Hone your skills with crafting words so that they rival the prettiest picture.

Need some writing advice? Okay, here goes: I’m posting writing from my Surface tablet. Hopefully, this works. Finding  a handy app may make this work. Making a living crafting words into articles, blogs and even a weekly newspaper column needs useful shortcuts.  Writing as a rural correspondent for almost four years really hones writing skills.  Writing the Thursday “Across the Fence” column takes a lot of thought and striking up conversations with contacts. I write for the Kingsport Times-News here in Northeast Tennessee. The column leans heavily into social media. It’s a cross between the old society news and Facebook in print. Okay, it’s online too.

Want More Writing Advice? Keep Up With Technology and Use it

Do yo want more writing advice? The Windows Surface RT is a new piece of technology to work with. Going mobile with writing and photography holds promise. So hopefully, this foray into using the tablet for three blogs on Blogger proves successful. In addition to this one, I also blog at promoting my brand.  And another work in progress at keeps things busy. The tlc part of this are the initials of my name and it also stands for travel, living and community. So, no I didn’t swipe this from The Learning Channel. This one will be an online zine, very much styled like a high-glossy print magazine.

Writing Advice for the Third Time? Focus, Hone Your Skills and “Just Do It”

Focus on writing and photography is a good way to go.  Figuring out how to make some money from both is key to a successful career. So make the move and go into this part-time or full-time. The days of dabbling are over. Let go of the “chicken marketer” days. As my esteemed friend Vin Montello once said, this is doable.  Because knowing how to make a career with words and photos, that ability is enough to make a successful livelihood . And do it NOW, not tomorrow… because “tomorrow never comes.”

Magazine-style writing and blogging hold potential. So does writing travel-related-tourism advertorials, if  you know who to approach. Also, knowing enough other fields, like real estate is an”in”to write for that industry. This goes way beyond just listing the facts and mentioning features. And those dinky photos Realtors put in the Realtor magazine just don’t cut it in the real estate market. These folks leave a ton of money on the table, by not considering what the market wants. That’s just crazy.

Having a” good eye” with photography is another route. Write with your words and your photos. Each one highlights and showcases the other. Cross all your fingers and hopefully this post from a Surface tablet works.



White Hat, Black Hat, or Magic Hat… Write it Right

White Hat, Black Hat or Magic Hat?

White hat, black hat or magic hat: which one suits you the best? Personally, I’m not into the black hat style of doing things. The white hat seems to suit me best with a bit of the magic hat thrown in. I’ve always wanted to pull a white rabbit out of the magic hat and I do my best to use my words of persuasion for the powers of good. Integrity says it all best. Without integrity you’re nothing but mud. Actually, you’re lower than mud. Many great writing moments are fleeting, but still I wish to keep my good reputation intact. Other writers may see things differently.

Are You a Trickster or Persuasion Artist?

I also don’t like tricking folks and I’m not a magician. Using persuading words is fine. Persuasion is the fine art of marketing a product, even if that product is yourself, an article or a bona-fide product. Trickery is the art of manipulation with the intention to deceive and make a false impression. If the only way you can get people to take action is to fool them, then you’re not that good of a writer.

White Hat, Black Hat or Magic Hat? What is Your Writing Style?

Good writing goes beyond the words. It’s a sense of style projected on paper or a monitor screen. It takes effort, dedication and a great deal of thought. It also takes passion and caring. Good writing transports the reader into the action in a vivid manner, which makes enough of an impression on the reader, so they remember what transpired. You need good flow, a sense of place, texture and a passion in which your words translate over to the reader. Good writing has substance and gives meaning to that which the reader takes away and tucks into the back of their mind.

It also makes you think beyond the ‘yes’ and ‘no’ answers to questions. With good writing you wish taking action. It’s the drive behind the words. It seldom takes the easy way out.

What Do You Write? What Do You Not Want to Write?

A long while back, I figured out copywriting wasn’t for me, unless I wrote travel advertorials. My passion lies in selling the locale. Therefore, I wish to write travel, food and all about the place I visit. Shopping, walking downtown and checking out all the local events are a part of it. And making the words pop in the mind’s eye vividly, while making a striking impression takes talent. Also, knowing where to eat and stay is another part. Additionally, you need to feel the sense of place to experience your moment there to the fullest. I’m not a guidebook which just lists the facts. So, feel the senses of the place, enjoy what it offers. That makes the travel experience true and authentic.

Go Local or Go Home… Immerse Those Crafted Words

To feel at home in a place, live like a local. So, check out the sights. Next go eat at different eateries and shop. Walk around and take a really good look around. Find out what’s going on and what this place offers. That’s how you write travel. Uncovering what each locale offers is like crafting a masterpiece out of clay. Loving food and history helps. So does shopping for jewelry and crafts. And snap those pictures showing off the best the place offers.

Travel is all the experience, not just the trip or only the stay. It’s everything you saw that left an impression upon you. You don’t need worldwide or out-of-state travel. So, take a local trip. Absorb the texture, taste, aroma and sounds around you. The events are part of this, with the emphasis on the experience. The kind of travel I’m talking about is the total immersion in the locale .

Getting Discovered is No Easy Task

All I need is getting discovered by editors. along with the local influencers in our area’s tourism. Basically, I want my words showing the locale. I want my places discovered (finally) with increased tourism. Steady work writing about the things I love is my idea of a dream job. I want to write about “my” towns, the food, events and the shops. Northeast Tennessee and the surrounding area within a day’s drive is “my place.” So, yes that also involves Knoxville, Nashville, Southwest Virginia, and North Carolina.

I write and photograph anywhere I go. I even branded my travel and lifestyle as being “Southern Fried”, whether it’s Southern Fried Travel, the Southern Fried Scribe or about Southern Fried tlc Southern Fried is the way to go, live and write. Now all I need to do is find my market and a way to generate income from my passion. So, come discover and experience the hidden gems this place offers.

White hat writing or black hat writing makes or breaks your career. There is no magic hat in writing.

White hat, black hat or magic hat? Two white hat writers are proud of their choice. Sorry, there is no magic hat in writing.

White hat or black hat? I prefer to leave a white hat writing legacy behind.

White hat, black hat or magic hat…. Nope, there are no magic hats when it comes to writing.


My Wedding Vows to You: A Renewal of Our Love and Faith on 12-28-2005

Wedding Vows Written by Me, So Do You Take Me Again as Your Wife

Wedding vows taken, cake eaten and wedded bliss the first time on 28 December 1985.

The original wedding reception, after we said our wedding vows 28 December 1985. Twenty years later, 28 December 2005 we renewed those vows again.

I wrote my wedding vows when we renewed them on our 20th wedding anniversary on 28 December 2005.

Wedding vows written by me… do you take… renewed on our 20th wedding anniversary, 28 December 2005. Our son Eli, was the Best Man and our daughter, Page Marie was the Maid of Honor.

Wedding vows written so lovingly by me to you, my husband and recited on our 20th wedding anniversary said it all. Because of our love for one another we renewed our wedding vows again that day. Additionally, the photo above was on our original wedding day in 1985. And we renewed our vows in the same church where we married, but this time it was in their chapel.

Wedding Vows: So Do You Take…

Twenty years ago on this very day,
We wedded in this church.

These are my vows I renew with you:
I promise to stand faithfully by your side
And support you in any way.
I will love you, as always,
With all my heart, soul and spirit.
You are the special one God blessed me with;
An answer to a heartfelt prayer.

My life with you fills up with constant joy.
Each day with you blossoms in a new awakening,
Like a young flower fresh with dew.
You are my miracle, the one the Lord gave to me.
You help me to grow and gave me my wings
So I could soar with the eagles and realize my dreams.

You showed me God’s love and a love all your own.
I thank the Lord everyday you chose
Me as your help mate and wife,
As together, we go through life.
Thank you for marrying me twenty years ago.

Trease L Carpenter

While Surrounded by Family and Friends Again and Yet Not a Dry Eye Remained in the Place

First of all, as I read my wedding vows out loud that evening on 12-28-2005, our 20th wedding anniversary, my soft voice trembled. And tears welled up in my eyes, while my hands shook. That’s when I realized no words adequately expressed my love and feelings for you. While I finished, no dry eyes remained in the chapel, not even the Reverend resisted. As a result, a few tears ran down his cheeks. Even I cried.

Yet these vows only speak of a smidgen on how I feel about you. So I honor you, my beloved husband, everyday. While with you, God gives me a glimpse of His love. And this is the love I feel for you, my darling beloved. Additionally, this is the love for me, I feel flowing from you. Each day gets even better than the ones before them. And we married over 30 years ago. Most of all, my time with you truly is the best part of my life. You are the best part of my life.