Writing Advice From a Post Goes a Long Way To Hone Your Craft

Writing Advice From a Post Goes a Long Way To Hone Your Craft

Need Writing Advice? Hone Your Skills as you Write for Others and Yourself

Writing advice With a view. That's how it goes with writing.
Need writing advice? Hone your skills with crafting words so that they rival the prettiest picture.

Need some writing advice? Okay, here goes: I’m posting writing from my Surface tablet. Hopefully, this works. Finding  a handy app may make this work. Making a living crafting words into articles, blogs and even a weekly newspaper column needs useful shortcuts.  Writing as a rural correspondent for almost four years really hones writing skills.  Writing the Thursday “Across the Fence” column takes a lot of thought and striking up conversations with contacts. I write for the Kingsport Times-News here in Northeast Tennessee. The column leans heavily into social media. It’s a cross between the old society news and Facebook in print. Okay, it’s online too.

Want More Writing Advice? Keep Up With Technology and Use it

Do yo want more writing advice? The Windows Surface RT is a new piece of technology to work with. Going mobile with writing and photography holds promise. So hopefully, this foray into using the tablet for three blogs on Blogger proves successful. In addition to this blog on writing about writing with its site at,  www.southernfriedscribe.com I also blog at www.southernfriedtravel.com promoting my brand.  And another work in progress at www.southernfriedtlc.com keeps things busy. The tlc part of this are the initials of my name and it also stands for travel, living and community. So, no I didn’t swipe this from The Learning Channel. This one will be an online zine, very much styled like a high-glossy print magazine.

Writing Advice for the Third Time? Focus, Hone Your Skills and “Just Do It”

Focus on writing and photography is a good way to go.  Figuring out how to make some money from both is key to a successful career. So make the move and go into this part-time or full-time. The days of dabbling are over. Let go of the “chicken marketer” days. As my esteemed friend Vin Montello once said, this is doable.  Because knowing how to make a career with words and photos, that ability is enough to make a successful livelihood . And do it NOW, not tomorrow… because “tomorrow never comes.”

Magazine-style writing and blogging hold potential. So does writing travel-related-tourism advertorials, if  you know who to approach. Also, knowing enough other fields, like real estate is an”in”to write for that industry. This goes way beyond just listing the facts and mentioning features. And those dinky photos Realtors put in the Realtor magazine just don’t cut it in the real estate market. These folks leave a ton of money on the table, by not considering what the market wants. That’s just crazy.

Having a” good eye” with photography is another route. Write with your words and your photos. Each one highlights and showcases the other. Cross all your fingers and hopefully this post from a Surface tablet works.


Trease L Carpenter

Trease is a freelance writer, who hangs her hat in Kingsport & Hawkins County, TN and specializes in local events, food writing and tourism-related articles. She blogs about Tourism, travel, lifestyle, cuisine and community. She also writes poetry every now and then. And she writes on writing. If you want rich content with the real story, She's your writer/storyteller. And she's also an avid photographer too. Check her out. She also wrote the Thursday edition of the "Across the Fence" column for the Kingsport Times-News for 5 years, from May 10, 2010 - August 28, 2015. She's big on local tourism and anything related to travel... including all things local like the food, eateries, shops and events. So, go for the local historic flavoring, along with the varied lodging and the picture-perfect scenery . She blogs about it on two blogs and writes on writing... wordsmith crafting on a third blog. Southern Fried Travel, Southern Fried tlc and the Southern Fried Scribe blogs are her blogs. So check out all the cool stuff.
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