The Writing Business Plan Involves Much More Than Writing

The Writing Business Plan Involves Much More Than Writing

Your Writing Business Plan Needs Careful Thought

Don't let your writing business plan burn and sizzle out. Give it substance.
Your writing business plan needs to pop and sparkle. It’s the start of your empire.

Your writing business plan goes beyond just writing. First off, there is the writing part to your business. But you need more than that. If you just only write, you’re leaving so much more on the table. Secondly, you need the right attitude toward growing your business for the long haul. Finally, there also is considering the taking on speaking engagements.

In your writing business plan, consider this; writing takes on a variety of genres. There is article writing for magazines and newspapers. And Online writing is a different genre from writing for print. Blogging is a big part of online writing. Additionally there is writing books and even writing courses about writing.

Read “The Author Training Manual” to Develop a Strong Writing Business Plan

Do read “The Author Training Manual” by Nina Amir. In the book she promotes writers to do more than just write. Nina Amir shows, what I feel is a better way… become an author, take on speaking engagements and create your own writing empire. And she mentions you need a major attitude adjustment and a business plan for your book. Well, I decided to broaden my horizons, do my best to answer the detailed questions Nina poses and create a business plan for my writing empire.

Travel Writing is One Writing Business Plan Dream

Travel writing has been a dream of mine and I aim to carry out it with a travel writing/authorship empire. I write a weekly social media column on Thursdays for the Kingsport Times-News since May 10, 2010. I snuck some travel writing into the column, but now mainly focus on the social media aspect my editors hired me for. The column’s title is “Across the Fence,” if you wish to check it out.

I do blog on and in addition to this blog. But, I’m hit or miss and occasionally blog. I need more writing discipline. And writing this blog is a start.

Answer Key Questions to Solidify Your Writing Business Plan

Answering Nina’s author attitude questions and drafting a solid travel writing empire business plan is another way getting started on my writing road to my empire. I’m not kidding, either. Answering the questions and writing the business plan are solid steps toward action. The business plan will define my writing, help me stay on track, keep me more focused and help me stay disciplined in my craft.

The business plan gives purpose and aim. I can focus on the type of writing which furthers my aims to a travel writing empire. The business plans lays out targeted goals. If you write it down, it tends to happen. And this is something I want to happen.

So Here’s the Business Writing Plan

So here’s an example of a plan. First  create and work on the business plan. When it’s done, start blogging about travel destinations, starting local at first. As you blog, article ideas germinate and flourish. So, note these ideas in abbreviated form on blog posts. Seek my markets and send them targeted query letters. In the meantime, keep blogging, to expand your reader audience. Once you hit a certain level of readers for a time, look into using local ads to encourage your readers to travel to the mentioned destinations.

So work on your query letter angle even after article writing assignments start pouring in. Look into speaking to local groups, eventually branching out further. Next, offer workshops locally and at writer’s conferences. After that, start the preliminary research and writing on your book. Keep your markets in mind. Consider self-publishing or the new publishing hybrid at this point. Tweak your business plan as you go. Get your book published and market it. Also, look into writing more targeted travel destination e-books your readers then download as guidebooks for what to do and see at the travel destination. Finally, develop and teach your writing course, as it’s actually done in the real world.

And, voilà your travel writing empire is born!


Trease L Carpenter

Trease is a freelance writer, who hangs her hat in Kingsport & Hawkins County, TN and specializes in local events, food writing and tourism-related articles. She blogs about Tourism, travel, lifestyle, cuisine and community. She also writes poetry every now and then. And she writes on writing. If you want rich content with the real story, She's your writer/storyteller. And she's also an avid photographer too. Check her out. She also wrote the Thursday edition of the "Across the Fence" column for the Kingsport Times-News for 5 years, from May 10, 2010 - August 28, 2015. She's big on local tourism and anything related to travel... including all things local like the food, eateries, shops and events. So, go for the local historic flavoring, along with the varied lodging and the picture-perfect scenery . She blogs about it on two blogs and writes on writing... wordsmith crafting on a third blog. Southern Fried Travel, Southern Fried tlc and the Southern Fried Scribe blogs are her blogs. So check out all the cool stuff.
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