Promo Email Sent to Marketing Director

Promo Email Sent to Marketing Director

The promo email has to attract clients like a sale at your local shop downtown attracts customers.
The promo email is key to attracting new customers and keeping old customers. It’s just like brick-and-mortar businesses hope to keep their parking lots full with old and new customers.

Promo Email Intro… What to Do?

This is a copy of a promo email I sent promoting myself for a potential job. It’s good to introduce yourself and list a few key points to enhance your chances of getting hired for the job by your promo email. As a result, it is key to show with your writing, using descriptive words. Telling tends to leave the reader flat. Furthermore, there is no investment for them. So, what are you to do?

Show to Let the Words Do the Talking:

First, showing the reader is an entirely different story. Entice them with a picture from your mind’s eye and tease them with your honed words. Additionally, describe the action, or create some. Draw the reader into your article or post to spark interest, even in an email. This is the job of a good promo email. How exactly is this done?

Sell yourself to your potential employer or to any of your reader audience,  and showing them what you do, with a little hinting at how you make the magic. Well-placed passion in a promo email gets results. Writing strategically gathers interest in what you have to say. Chat with your audience so you engage them as they engage you. Then what comes next?

Whenever possible, let your well-crafted words steep. Then go back and edit, adding the proper flavor to the mix. Hone and adjust, but don’t overdo it, or the law of diminishing returns kicks in. Relax, read and enjoy. Feel free to make suggestions and critique the email.

Critique Yes… Criticize No:

Note I said critique and not criticize. Critiquing is instructive while criticizing is useless and destructive. As a result of critiquing, a good writer listens if the source is credible. A good writer adapts to the client and uses the suggestions which make sense and enhances the article, post or project. This engages the reader and getting them to invest in your wordsmithing. Conversational engagement is half the game. It’s also easier to market to folks who feel invested.

So, read on and give me your opinion. I’m always open for chatting.

The Promo Email Intro:

My name is Teresa Carpenter and I wrote the Thursday “Across the Fence” column for the Kingsport Times-News for five years. I read about you being hired as the new director for the Marketing and Public Relations for Kingsport last year, until August 28, 2015. I’ve also followed the One Kingsport initiative in the Times-News. I’m writing to ask if you’re looking for someone passionate about promoting tourism in Kingsport to add to your department.

The Promo Email Hook:

I know how to market, reaching out to my reader audience with well-crafted words, pulling them in so they look at Kingsport with fresh eyes and decide to visit our city. I also know how to deal with the media and many of them are already familiar with me through the “Across the Fence” column I wrote for the Times-News. I’m a friendly people-person with a passion for getting people to visit Kingsport and check out our events, local shops, eateries, the historical sites of interest and other items of interest.

I have lived in various parts of the States and relate to all sorts of folks. Kingsport and its tourism hold a special place in my heart. Writing and photography are my passion, especially when they are tourism-related. I hope I remain a part of what is going on with the One Kingsport effort to put Kingsport on the map with marketing and public relations.

The Promo Email Wrap Up:

I want to show Kingsport to the reading audience, online and offline so they feel the texture of the city, see its vibrancy, take in the aroma and flavor of all our yummy local food, hear the city’s liveliness with all the unique events held here and get a taste of our local lifestyle, even with the off-the-beaten-path items of interest going on around here.

Doing this is my idea of a dream job, one I hope to take on for Kingsport in the Marketing and Public Relations department. I also hope to take part in weaving Kingsport’s story for locals, semi-locals and those far away.

Please let me know if you have any openings. I look forward to hearing back from you.


Trease L Carpenter

Southern Fried tlc Scribe

Promo email gets the job done with well-crafted words.
The promo email written in a relaxing setting is key to getting the words to flow smoothly. You think better when you’re relaxed.

Trease L Carpenter

Trease is a freelance writer, who hangs her hat in Kingsport & Hawkins County, TN and specializes in local events, food writing and tourism-related articles. She blogs about Tourism, travel, lifestyle, cuisine and community. She also writes poetry every now and then. And she writes on writing. If you want rich content with the real story, She's your writer/storyteller. And she's also an avid photographer too. Check her out. She also wrote the Thursday edition of the "Across the Fence" column for the Kingsport Times-News for 5 years, from May 10, 2010 - August 28, 2015. She's big on local tourism and anything related to travel... including all things local like the food, eateries, shops and events. So, go for the local historic flavoring, along with the varied lodging and the picture-perfect scenery . She blogs about it on two blogs and writes on writing... wordsmith crafting on a third blog. Southern Fried Travel, Southern Fried tlc and the Southern Fried Scribe blogs are her blogs. So check out all the cool stuff.
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