Thankfulness Is a Matter of Perspective… And it Shapes Our Writing Style

Thankfulness Is a Matter of Perspective… And it Shapes Our Writing Style

 Thankfulness Goes a Long Way in Writing

Thankfulness is a good attitude and goes hand-in-hand with writing well. Of course, we find the grouches and the negative sourpuss people easily. They’re the ones who write like a bunch of grumpy old curmudgeonly types. Additionally, the work is tedious for them. And they don’t have time to stop and smell the roses. As a result, these writers are grouchy and they complain all the time. Nobody wishes to be on the receiving end of tirades from these crotchety old griping people . 

But, we’re not here to chat about these writers today. Your feelings of thankfulness show up in your words. When your audience reads these thoughtfully penned words they see a thankful writer. This then spreads like wildfire. One simple act of showing your thankfulness reaches out and touches the lives of so many others.

Reach Out and Touch Your Readers With Thankfulness

Sometimes your reader needs an uplifting moment and words of encouragement. Your thankfulness can cover anything. The words you choose have impact on your audience, so choose your words wisely. And the same goes with your photos. When others view your words and your photos, they see a small slice of your life. Maybe you inspire your readers or you make them chuckle over an interesting tidbit. This is where your thankfulness attitude reaches out and touches your audience.

Case in point: last year my daughter delivered our granddaughter 11 weeks early. It was a lucky thing our daughter rescheduled her OB/GYN checkup for that day. Needless to say, our daughter had preeclampsia, but it didn’t show up until the day of her rescheduled appointment. It was touch and go for a while.

Thankfulness during times of calamity show our strength and the fabric we're made from.
Calamity strikes at any given moment. How we let it shape us shows up in our written words. Our thankfulness shows through with our words.

Calamity Strikes for a Reason and it’s Up to Us How That Shapes Our Writing

Sometimes it takes a calamity or near calamity for your thankfulness to kick in. Everyone remained as calm as they could under the circumstances. We all prayed a lot that day. Our granddaughter was in distress when our daughter’s blood pressure shot up very high. It was a good thing her doctor had our daughter go to the hospital next door. Our daughter was fine at the doctor’s office, but by the time she arrived at the hospital the blood pressure shot up. And this all happened within a matter of minutes.

The whole situation scared us, but we all felt thankful. Both our daughter and our granddaughter are fighters. God had His hand on both the entire time. He made sure both of our girls were okay. And our granddaughter weighed 2 lbs. 2 oz. at her delivery. Now, a year later and both Momma and baby girl are thriving and doing well. You can’t even tell our granddaughter came 11 weeks early. She and her momma fought hard to be where they are today.

That day, a little over a year ago, shapes my attitude of thankfulness and the words I write today. I realize in the blink of an eye, adversity might have struck our daughter and granddaughter that day. The good times and the hard times both shape us. But we choose how we allow the event to shape us and what we do with it. By expressing ourselves this way, we show our readers we are human.


Trease L Carpenter

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