Momma’s Song… 7-13-2017

Momma’s Song… 7-13-2017

Momma’s Song… By Trease Lynne Carpenter

Momma's Song kept it's sweet melody and it took her all over the USA. Momma's Song is her story.
Momma’s Song kept on playing, when she was in her 20’s and a weather observer in the US Air Force in the early 1950’s.

Momma’s Song…when it began back then…

I am a writer… so, that’s what I do,
Hence, I thought I’d pen this just for you.
Momma’s song as it rings true;
First, a child looking out shyly with yellow blond hair
Gently smiling in a flowered dress,
What were you thinking back then?
Did you ever imagine maybe you’d join the Air Force back then?
And as a result, wear their dress blue uniform,
Also observing the weather with balloons and such?
Momma’s song… what is Momma’s song?

Momma's Song started when she was young and bloomed fully as Momma grew.
Momma’s Song began it’s sweet melody when she was young. Catch a glimpse of it on her pretty face as she poses in her flowery outfit.

What is Momma’s Song?

First, you had your dreams as you played the oboe in high school band,
Next you shot hoops as co-captain of the basketball team too.
Milking the cows before and after school, was one of the chores you had to do.
Momma’s song, so full of promise and yet some woe.
Life moved right along as you married and had your seven kids.
As a result, you worked, you wrote, you lived and you loved…
Eventually you grew old, and with the ravages of time,
After Dad died is when the Alzheimer’s disease did unfold.
Momma’s song… how does it now go?

Momma’s Song… How Does it Go?

What goes on now inside of your head? Momma, what do you know?
Therefore, what remains hidden and forgotten as time loops back upon itself?
Likewise, as this dark disease takes hold and latches on to  more, what is left?
Where does it all go and when will it ever end?
This never-ending loop of a nightmare that keeps unfolding.
Momma’s song… as it wraps in and out,
Does it now make any sense? Is it still there?
So far, you are still Momma and you laugh and smile so beautifully.
But the day and the time draw near, when you will start to fade away.
What will be left then? Will you still know us deep down?
Momma’s song… does it get jumbled now?

Momma’s Song… Will You Cry & Know What it Means?

Will you cry and know what it means? Or will you smile and remember?
Or will it all be shut away in the recesses of your once bright mind,
Because of what has now dimmed, as the light slowly fades away and goes out.
Likewise, will the sparkle in your eyes die too, as it all spirals within?
Finally, as it turns into a blank nothingness and nothing but an empty shell,
Stares back certainly, with eyes dulled and the fire is gone out…
Not able to be rekindled and lit… only with the darkness and an endless
Forever Blank staring back out at us, gone forever, blown away on a soft wind.
Momma’s song, magical notes lilting gently in her soul… who will sing it now?

Momma’s Song… Who Will Sing it Now?

How will the melody sound, and where are the words and the music?
Do you hear your song and can you sing the words to it still?
Or has the song faded away slowly, finally never sung again by your lips,
Or even remembered? Because, is it all to be forgotten, never to see the light?
So, where does the light go… where does it fade to? Does anyone know?
Momma’s song, why do I cry as the words come to me?

Momma’s Song… Where Will it End & Will You Still Know?

Where will it end and will you still know us and love us down deep?
Momma’s song is so pretty and full of joy and a bit of sadness
As I write it out to you and to those who know and love you.
Momma’s song wrapped up her kids, the grands and the great-grands,
Wrapped us up close to her, in her love and joy she held in her heart.
Momma’s song… oh why does this hurt you and us?
Even so, when one day it will grow totally dim and be gone from you,
It will still be held in our hearts as we let you go and as the tears fall.
It will forever sing itself in our minds and we will hear its tune.

Momma’s song keep its melodic tune… the lights might go out one day soon,
But the band still plays on, with the joy and the beauty of Momma’s song.

Trease Lynne Carpenter (7-13-2017)

Momma's Song was written for Momma. It is beautiful just like you, yet just a tad bit sad.
Momma’s Song is forever. It always sings in our hearts, ringing so true. The photo is by Rory Money-Brothers.

Trease L Carpenter

Trease is a freelance writer, who hangs her hat in Kingsport & Hawkins County, TN and specializes in local events, food writing and tourism-related articles. She blogs about Tourism, travel, lifestyle, cuisine and community. She also writes poetry every now and then. And she writes on writing. If you want rich content with the real story, She's your writer/storyteller. And she's also an avid photographer too. Check her out. She also wrote the Thursday edition of the "Across the Fence" column for the Kingsport Times-News for 5 years, from May 10, 2010 - August 28, 2015. She's big on local tourism and anything related to travel... including all things local like the food, eateries, shops and events. So, go for the local historic flavoring, along with the varied lodging and the picture-perfect scenery . She blogs about it on two blogs and writes on writing... wordsmith crafting on a third blog. Southern Fried Travel, Southern Fried tlc and the Southern Fried Scribe blogs are her blogs. So check out all the cool stuff.
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