Paint a Picture With a Descriptive Word and Set the Story With Colorful Fireworks

“A picture says a thousand words.'” And words, properly placed evoke vivid pictures in the mind’s eye. Story crafting is an art undertaken by many a pen. So, “come on without, come on within… you ain’t seen nothing like the Mighty” Pen! And no, the Mighty Pen isn’t an Eskimo… just a Southern Yankee. Whether it’s the foothills of the Smokey Mountains in Northeast Tennessee, the sign on a Round Rock, Texas coffeehouse or two silos near a barn on a farm in Delaware… wherever the mind’s eye transports you through well-crafted writing depends on how willing you are to follow where the words lead you.

It’s all in the words and the pictures. This gallery from the Mighty Pen is just a sampling of what is to come. So, let the words lead you to the hidden nuggets and hint at what lies just beneath the surface. Look for your treasure at the end of the rainbow and read on for the well-crafted story as it unfolds in front of you. Trease, the Mighty Pen offers you slices of the story crafter’s life through various articles on writing which dig deeper and cover more than just the pretty pictures and the well-honed words. A lot more than that goes into story crafting. So, hang onto your hats and enjoy the ride.